Over the 2016 AFL season, we had an enjoyable tipping competition seeing varying winners of the weekly rounds. The last few rounds were scored secretly to enhance the anticipation of the overall winner.

To celebrate the season, we held a family and friends get-together for all the participants. It gave the children a chance to mingle with each other and the adults an opportunity to enjoy a fun filled evening of pizza and laughter.

The children participated in a spin off of “pin the tale on the donkey” – “pin the footy in between the goal posts” with Lachlan Brown taking the prize for that.

Now to the nitty gritty results of our tipping competition…

We had a total of 32 tippers consisting of current and previous staff members at Lynn & Brown, family members of the L&B team as well as the BeCloud Smart team and their families.

Our overall winner for the tipping competition was Ryan Martin, the husband of our Alyce Martin with a decent score of 183 (422).

Taking out 2nd, 3rd and 4th place were Ann Brown, the mother of L&B’s directors, Todd Ashworth, father to Aaron Plenderleith and Lynn & Brown’s Stirling Owen.

Taking 5th place overall, Steven Brown’s son, Lachlan! Well done Lachie!

Darcy Rudd who came 15th, had the highest margin of 742, but did well with a score of 168.

Bringing up the rear of the competition was Bonita Patten, welcoming to her kitchen a new wooden spoon!


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