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I want a divorce but I can’t find my ex!

  The legal process for a divorce explained when you have no idea where your estranged husband or wife might be. To some people it seems slightly strange that you might not know where your husband or wife is, but it happens more often than many people would think. Often

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The Claremont Serial Killer: a different kind of forensics

  Recently, Bradley Edwards has plead guilty to five of the eight charges against him.   He is also the man accused of murdering Sarah Spiers, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon. These charges included sexual attacks on two young women – one in 1988 as the victim was sleeping in

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Do I need a shareholders’ agreement?

  Miscommunication about an unwritten arrangement nearly cost brothers $200,000 A case that was heard in the Federal Court in August 2019 involved three brothers who set up a family business, but did not put the arrangements of the business in writing. Instead, the brothers relied on ‘trust and familial

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