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married at first sight

Is Bryce from Married at First Sight committing Family Violence?

Channel 9’s reality television show “Married at First Sight” has been an Aussie television staple for a few years now. The show features strangers getting paired together by experts in an unofficial marriage. The strangers then spend the majority of the rest of the series drinking, gossiping and having verbal

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How are children represented in Family Court proceedings?

Many people are curious about how a children’s wishes and interests are presented to and protected in a Family Court in Australia. Expression of wishes People are very familiar with how adult evidence is presented to courts – typically through the use of affidavits, and through direct evidence in the

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Beneficiary vs Executors

Managing a deceased estate can sometimes be a difficult exercise. Misunderstandings and tension between executors and beneficiaries can arise in what is understandably an emotional and stressful process. This article will explore some of the common flashpoints that can occur between executors and beneficiaries and comment on some points that

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