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Being Sued Because of Your AI

Many of us exchange communications nowadays with chatbots on websites. Numerous companies have incorporated them onto their websites to allow for 24/7 access to the company and the ability to provide consumers with information as and when requested. This has resulted in a recent case in Canada whereby Air Canada

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Cost of Living Crisis

Cost of Living Crisis and Relationship Breakdown

The cost of living crisis facing many Australian families is often addressed in the media today by considering the impact of rising rents and lack of rental property supply, or the no-less important issue of competitive practices between our two largest supermarket chains.  However, given that intimate partner relationships form

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Body Disposal

Body Disposal – What Are the Rights When You Die?

Generally, when an estate is disputed the dispute is financial in nature. However, in less common circumstances disputes arise regarding how the body of the person is to be dealt with. As this is such a sensitive matter, with many possible differing opinions, we aim to shed some light on

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