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Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) – An Enduring Safeguard

Few people, both young and old, know how important an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is.  Of those people who do understand the importance of the document, even fewer understand the importance of setting up an EPA before becoming elderly.  However, if unexpected life events occur, an EPA can make

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Is My Post-Separation Agreement Legally Binding?

You and your partner are about to move in together. Perhaps one of you has more assets or liabilities than the other. You both agree that you want to be able to walk away from your relationship (should such an end ever come) with what you came into it with.

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Family Violence

How we, as lawyers, can support families impacted by family violence

The current extensive news coverage of family violence in Australia and the Government’s emergency meeting of the National Cabinet on 1 May 2024 to discuss responses to gendered violence have highlighted the prevalence of family violence and its impact on the Australian community, specifically women and children.  It is critical

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