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A contract is a legal document between two or more parties that clearly spells out just what is expected and required of each party in a particular transaction.

Any time you enter into a written transaction or agreement with another person or business, you enter into a contract and in most instances it is legally binding. Before you sign anything you should always get trusted legal advice so you can clearly understand your rights and obligations.

How long is it since you had your terms of trade/sale reviewed? Are your terms compliant with the Personal Property Security Act? Have our lawyers review or create them now to ensure you are protected in your dealings.

We can also assist you with creating distribution agreements. A distribution agreement is a legal document between a supplier and a distributor. In some cases the supplier may be the manufacturer of the goods or the distributor reselling another’s goods. There are two types: exclusive distribution agreements and non-exclusive distribution agreements. An exclusive distribution agreement is when the supplier agrees to sell their goods exclusively to the distributor. This usually comes with certain terms and conditions often containing sales performance requirements. It is very important that distribution agreements contain sufficient detail to ensure your operations are protected. Informal agreements can often be messy due to miscommunication or vagueness as to the party’s agreement. We can help your business by sharing our expert advice and ensuring that your best interests are legally protected.

Whether it is preparing a new contract, reviewing one you already have or another party has presented you, the team at Lynn & Brown can provide you with a tailor made solution to protect your business from any potential future risk and give you the best opportunity to succeed in your business. We work with you to ensure your current agreements and transactions maximise the effectiveness of your business and are compliant with legislation. Let us protect you in your dealings.

If you would like to know more information, please contact the team of expert commercial lawyers at Lynn & Brown today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contracts, which you might not have noticed, are everywhere in our life. From simple sale and purchase, service supply, property leasing, to employment, banking and investments. Like many of us, you may have been stuck in a contract before and wanted to get out. Can I? You may wonder. There are different ways to end a contract. However, contracts are binding legal instruments, so a free exit ticket may not always be available.
One of the most satisfying tasks we perform at Lynn and Brown Lawyers is to work with our clients to either purchase or sell a business. We all know how stressful it is buying or selling a property and hoping to achieve a successful outcome. These stresses are no different to those that exist around buying or selling a business, particularly if that business is one you have built from scratch or the business that you are looking to buy is as a result of a significant lifestyle change or ambition for the next stage of your career.
A shareholders’ agreement is a contract signed by the shareholders of a company, which regulates their obligations and rights, as well as what should happen if certain situations arise. Unlike a company constitution, (which is automatically binding on all members) a shareholders’ agreement is only binding on the shareholders who sign it – just like any other contract. Since shareholders’ agreements are not compulsory, there are no requirements as to how they must be written.
Thinking of starting a business? Especially in this ever-changing age of COVID-19, the sparks of inspiration that pave the way to becoming a business owner are kaleidoscopically diverse: like many Australians, you may have suddenly found yourself without a steady income; you may have found you loved working from home and having extra time with your family; perhaps you’ve decided to start a “side hustle” to your main career, or after many years of contemplation, you’ve decided to seize the day (and a great opportunity!) and pursue your dreams.
A good lawyer, with experience, can often foresee things others could not. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about an unforeseeable event happening after you agree to a contract, but there are some things you can do to ensure your contract is as well drafted as possible.
If you are thinking of starting a business, you will need to consider the different business structures available to you and work out which structure will best suit your needs. In Australia, businesses are commonly structured as sole traders, companies, partnerships, discretionary trusts and unit trusts. It is important to seek professional advice (from a lawyer, accountant, or business adviser) before deciding which business structure to use.

A franchise is usually in the form of a written franchise agreement. However, franchises are regulated under the Franchising Code of Conduct (the Code), which is given the force of law under the Competitions and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). The Code specifies both the franchisors’ and franchisees’ rights and responsibilities

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