The son of Lynn & Brown employee Karen Rudd set off for India in July to take part in a three week educational expedition.  Byron Rudd is a Year 11 student at Rossmoyne Senior High School and participated in World Challenge, an organisation that encourages young people to develop key skills through student-led expeditions to the developing world.

Lynn & Brown was a proud supporter of Byron on his journey.  Byron sent us the following letter upon his return:

I went to a primary school in Haripur in the Kullu Valley which was a 40 minute drive from the well known city of Manali in North India.  My team and I went to the school with the intent of helping a group of 40 young school kids who attend the primary school.  We started off by seeing what was wrong with the school and taking note of the facilities at the school.  Next, we talked to the principal at the small school and worked out what they mostly wanted, to advance their education for the future years to come.  While we were there we completed painting the inside and out of their school with black and white paint, painting murals on the walls inside the buildings which were of a sunset, a rainbow and a tree with our hands as the leaves and painting educational information on the outside of the building.  We also hired carpenters to put new doors on the building because the old ones were faulty and didn’t close properly.

We purchased sporting equipment for the children to use, which included cricket bats, cricket balls, cricket wickets, badminton rackets and shuttlecocks.  We also purchased a computer with speakers and 25 educational videos, 40 small chairs and 6 large round tables for the children to sit around.  We played games with the children such as hokey pokey and cricket. 

The children at the school were really pleased with everything we did for them and my team and I loved spending time at the school with the children. 

Thanks to Lynn and Brown Lawyers for helping support me on my trek to India.

From Byron Rudd.


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