At your first point of contact with your family law professional, you may now be asked to complete what is referred to as a parent self-report form.  What is the purpose of completing the form and what does it mean for you in your family law matter?

The DOORS program has recently been introduced to assist separating parents and family law professionals to detect and respond to wellbeing and safety risks that family members may be experiencing after separation and specifically in parenting matters.

DOORS = “Detection of Overall Risk Screen”

The standardised screening process is designed to help professionals detect and respond to safety and wellbeing risks.  The screening is not limited to domestic violence but takes a broad approach to include adult, infant and child wellbeing, conflict and communication as well as parenting stress.  This will enable the practitioner to evaluate the contribution of these factors to imminent personal and interpersonal safety risks and to provide advice as to an effective response including referrals to other professionals, if required.  This programs aims to protect the safety of the parties to a family law matter, which can ultimately lead to healthier management of difficult times.

If you have any queries regarding the DOORS program or your family law matter in general please contact Lynn & Brown Lawyers on 9375 3411.

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