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The lawyers at Lynn & Brown are experienced in providing advice on various areas of Property Law, including property investment, loan guarantees, planning, building contracts and commercial property. We pride ourselves in providing valuable, detailed advice to ensure your property matters are legally binding. Our lawyers can help you whatever your property type, at any point during the process, smoothly and effectively.

We can assist with making sure you fully understand the details involved with residential or commercial transactions in Australia. Anything from agreements and contracts, to buying or selling at auction and negotiating on your behalf can be handled by our experienced lawyers.

  • If you are a property developer and need assistance with large scale commercial projects;
  • If you are a property developer and need assistance with subdivision and the creation of easements;
  • If you need assistance with council or development approvals;
  • If you are a lender or borrower requiring advice on residential mortgage transactions and commercial loan transactions
  • If you need any advice regarding strata title and strata management

The requirement for a lawyer is often not limited to transaction matters. Dispute resolution around boundaries, neighbour issues and council approvals, are all often required as a property owner.

Circumstances where these issues usually arise include:

  • When you are developing your property;
  • On older properties with semi-permanent boundaries;
  • In council areas with tight development rulings;
  • With the boundary or development disputes with a neighbour; or
  • When you own a property with someone else and one party wants to sell (Partitioning Agreement).

We understand that there are sometimes basic, hassle free property matters. However, we have dealt with many clients who have been surprised at the ease of having a lawyer handle the entire process. Consider:

  • Conveyancers are not equipped to deal with more complicated matters, such as disputes and ownership.
  • If the other party has a lawyer too, this can make for much more efficient and stress free communication.
  • Life can often throw unexpected curve balls, especially in high stake matters such as property transactions. Lynn and Brown lawyers have experience dealing with the unforeseen.

For more information on loans and mortgages, have a look at the following factsheets:

We make it our priority to ensure your transactions and decisions work in your favour, and work quickly with you to maximise the efficiency and profitability of your property ventures.

If you would like to know more information, please contact the team at Lynn & Brown today.

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