Shopfront WA is a service that is run predominantly by a team of volunteers.

These volunteers spend their time to relieve poverty and suffering by offering practical assistance, fellowship and hospitality to people in their time of need.

Some of the services that the Shopfront provides is as follows:

  • Food and drink for those who walk through their doors.

The team at Lynn & Brown has joined in the support of Shopfront WA and have become a regular donator.

As Steven Brown, director of Lynn & Brown Lawyers, has said before “Shopfront WA relies heavily on donations and we are pleased that we were able to make a small contribution which will help support their ongoing work in providing assistance to visitors experiencing difficulties with problems in their life”.

If you would like to join Lynn & Brown and make a donation to Shopfront WA you can go to their website at http://shopfrontwa.org.au/support-us/ 


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