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October 2017: Family Separation - Family Separation
This seminar was conducted in conjunction with Your Midlife Coach and Rebuild Finance in an effort to provide a holistic planning workshop designed to help
people considering or experiencing a separation. It was an opportunity for those who attended to learn about their legal entitlements, financial planning and mental health mechanisms.

Key topics that were covered in the presentation include:
1. The family law process and your entitlements.
2. How do re-build your financial position and be prepared for separation; and
3. How to manage stress and receive guidance during emotionally turbulent times.

For more information regarding this event, please email or contact 08 9375 3411.

COURSE MATERIAL: Family Separation Presentation
September 2017: Estate Administration - What to do legally when someone close to you dies?
Topics covered include:

  • Important first steps when someone dies

  • Differences between a Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration

  • Costly pitfalls to avoid

  • Important things to consider to make the process easier

For more information regarding this event, please email or contact 08 9375 3411.

COURSE MATERIAL: Estate Administration Seminar
July 2017: Employment Law - Workplace Law Update for Healthcare Sector

  • Choosing the right legal model

  • Common legal issues that arise in the health sector

For more information regarding this event, please email or contact 08 9375 3411.


June 2017: Property Law - Property and Investment Seminar

Buying an investment property?

  • Want to know how to hold it? 

  • Want to know some current property trends?

For more information regarding this event, please email or contact 08 9375 3411.

October 2016: Employment Law - Competing with your Employer

  • What does an employee’s duty to remain loyal to his or her employer require?

  • When will an employee’s duty of loyalty apply after the employment relationship ends?

  •  Which provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) create duties and obligations that apply to employees?

COURSE MATERIAL: Employment Law Seminar October 2016
August 2016: Family Law - Asset Protection and Family Law

  • How to protect your assets in the event of a separation.

  • Can you protect gifts to your children by claims from their spouses?

  • Can you “quarantine” assets from an ex-spouse following a separation?

COURSE MATERIAL: Family Law Seminar August

July 2016: Consumer Law - Australian Consumer Law

  • Learn about the consumer guarantees for both goods and services

  • Manufacturers’ and suppliers’ warranties
    – is a product or service fit for its purpose

  • What remedies are available if something goes wrong

COURSE MATERIAL: Consumer Law Seminar July 2016

June 2016: Wills and Estates - Personal Succession Plan

  • Find out what makes up your estate.

  • Discover what you need to know to best protect and preserve your estate for your preferred beneficiaries.

  • Learn about some of the many issues not having a Will can create.

May 2016: Commercial Law - Business Structures, Asset Protection and Insolvency

  • What is the best business structure for your business (company, trust, partnership, sole trader or a hybrid)?

  • Have you considered funding for your venture, taxation issues and asset protection?

  • What protection do you have from insolvency events?

COURSE MATERIAL: Commercial Law Seminar May 2016

April 2016: Employment Law - Leading Your Organisation Effectively Through Change

This seminar explores executing business performance through effective leadership and reward and recognition.

  • The role of neuroscience and psychology in employee engagement

  • The legal impact of effective leadership

  • Dealing with bullying or harassment claims

This seminar is being held in conjunction with ODG Solutions.

COURSE MATERIAL: Employment Law Seminar April 2016

March 2016: Commercial Law - Steps to successful business strategies

This seminar is being held in conjunction with ODG Solutions.

  • Learn modern strategies that improve competitiveness and are agile and future focused

  • Understand and shift to new forms of business development

  • Strategies to ensure a genuine redundancy


February 2016: Employment Law - Lessons in Culture Change

This seminar explores the current market conditions and how organisations are responding and should respond. We further explore the different culture styles in the workplace and why culture is key to good organisational performance.

  • Organisational maturity and how ready your organisation is to attack culture

  • Real organisational examples of culture change

  • Practical strategies that are simple, cost effective and high impact

This seminar was held in conjunction with ODG Solutions.

COURSE MATERIAL: Employment Law Seminar February 2016
November 2015: Commercial Law - Succession Planning for Businesses

One day you will leave your business, either because you want to sell up or retire, or because of ill-health or death. Find out how to maximise the return on your business for yourself or those you leave.

  • How to make the most from the sale of your business

  • How to maximise the value of your business

  • What planning should go into a business sale or transition?

October 2015: Commercial Law - Recovering a Debt

Does your business have debts? Are these debts affecting the growth of your business? Find out what you can do to recover your debts.

  • How to deal with debts

  • Important factors to consider when recovering a debt

  • How a lawyer can assist you in recovering a debt

September 2015: Property Law - Important Information for Landlords and Tenants

  • What laws govern your lease?

  • How to minimise the risk of a dispute with your landlord or tenant

  • Important factors to consider before entering a lease

August 2015: Commercial Law - Stop wasting your profits on legal disputes!
Disputes are inevitable for anyone running a business. Find out how you can introduce simple steps to manage and avoid conflicts and save your business time and money.

  • How to plan for potential conflicts and manage the risk

  • How to settle a commercial dispute quickly or avoid it altogether

  • When is it time to call in your lawyer?


COURSE MATERIAL: Commercial Law Seminar August 2015
July 2015: Wills and Estates - Estate Planning for Business Owners

  • How can you pass on your business under your Will?

  • If you own a company, what will happen to your shares upon your death?

  • What happens to your family trust when you pass away?

June 2015: Employment Law - Employment Issues - Is your business safe?
Employment law issues cost Australian businesses millions each year. Find out how to protect one of your most valuable assets with advice from our experienced lawyers.

  • What is unfair dismissal?

  • How do you deal with workplace bullying?

  • How to write or review employment contracts?

COURSE MATERIAL: Employment Law Seminar June 2015
May 2015: Commercial Law - How to get your bills paid on time
If you want to recover your debts quicker?

Our experienced lawyers will offer you simple debt recovery strategies to reduce your bad debts for free.

COURSE MATERIAL: Commercial Law Seminar May 2015