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When parents separate it will often have a big impact on children, particularly younger children. There are some circumstances where it is preferable to have court orders in place, than to have an informal arrangement or a parenting plan.

However, in some circumstances it might be better for a separated family to have the flexibility of a parenting plan.

A parenting plan is an agreement that:

  1. Is in writing;
  2. Is made between the parents of the child or children;
  3. Is signed by the parents of the child or children;
  4. Is dated; and
  5. Deals with specific matters in relation to the child or children.

A parenting plan will not be constituted if either parent has not entered into the agreement free from any threat, duress or coercion.

A parenting plan may deal with any one or more of the following:

  1. The person with whom the child is or the children are to live;
  2. The time a child spends or the children spend with another person (such as a grandparent);
  3. The allocation of parental responsibility for a child or children;
  4. The form of consultations between parents in relation to parental responsibility;
  5. The communication each child is to have with other persons;
  6. The maintenance of the child or children;
  7. The process to be used for resolving disputes about the terms or operation of the parenting plan;
  8. The process to be used for changing the parenting plan; and
  9. Any aspects in relation to the care, welfare and development of a child or children or any aspect of parental responsibility for a child or children.

Here at Lynn & Brown Lawyers we have expertise in preparing parenting plans, or we could advise you if this or court orders may suit your circumstances better.

If you would like more advice on family law, or any other legal issue you are facing, the professional team at Lynn & Brown Lawyers can help you.

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