Agreed Fixed Pricing

If you value certainty, transparency and clarity in the pricing of your legal services, then you are at the right place with Lynn & Brown Lawyers.

Whilst most law firms charge by time, we believe it is fairer, to you the client, to agree with you on a fixed price for an agreed scope of work before we start work on your matter.

In all of our areas of practice, we provide our clients with a fixed price proposal and obtain our client’s agreement with that before we commence work.

An integral part of this process is our initial meeting with you.  At this meeting, we will listen closely to your needs and what your desired outcome is.  If both you and ourselves are satisfied that we can work together towards your goals, we will develop a strategy to move towards that outcome with a proposed fixed price for our services.  Upon your agreement with that pricing proposal, we will commence work.  We will then be held to that agreed fixed price for the agreed scope of work.

What we don’t do

  • No hourly rates: We believe this can promote inefficiencies and delays.
  • No estimates or ranges: Our agreed price will not change if the scope of work doesn’t change.
  • No hidden extras: No extras for copying, printing, mail etc.

Benefits to fixed pricing

  • We share the risk on pricing with you.
  • Price certainty: Our proposal will set out exactly what you have to pay and when, this will allow you to budget for your legal expenses and there will never be a surprise bill.
  • Transparency: Clarity over costs which have been agreed up front.
  • Timely outcomes: We value your need for a swift and positive resolution to your matter.
  • Collaboration: Involving our clients in the legal process, giving you greater control.
  • Your lawyer has a real incentive to get the agreed scope of work completed in a timely manner because that is when we get paid.
  • Better communication: You will not be charged for every phone call made or every email sent. The agreed price includes all of that.  You can pick up the phone and speak with your lawyer without fear of extra charges.
  • We don’t waste your time on us entering time on a timesheet or monitoring the length of each phone call. We spend our time working to achieve the outcomes we have agreed with you.

Whilst we cannot guarantee the outcomes, we guarantee that our service will be of high quality.  At Lynn & Brown Lawyers we value our close working relationships with our clients.




Put simply, you can’t.  Lynn & Brown Lawyers are one of the leading pioneers in introducing firm-wide Agreed Fixed Pricing in Western Australia.  Other firms are still charging on an hourly rate whereas our goal is to create transparency and clarity for our clients, empowering them with more involvement with their matter and certainty around cost.  Your matter will be given considerable thought and a tailored solution devised to reach your desired outcome will be provided to you.

We want to establish long-term relationships with our clients.  We therefore want strong and successful clients that value our relationship with them.  We endeavour to place our clients’ needs first and encourage you to talk to one of our team members if you are unsure about receiving value for money.

If there is additional work required that is outside of what we have agreed, we will discuss this with you and agree on a price before the work has commenced.  This is will give you greater transparency and no hidden surprises.

With our experienced team, collaborative approach and continual effort in placing our clients’ needs first, we aim to provide you with quality work and service.  We have been an Assured Quality Practice Standard law firm for over 15 years, and guarantee our service to you.  Our accounts manager, Elani, is more than happy to chat with you regarding any concerns, as is your lawyer.

We don’t sell time, we sell solutions.  Agreed Fixed Pricing takes a holistic approach by placing higher value on working towards achieving your desired outcome.  If an agreed scope of work takes longer to complete than originally anticipated, we will bear that cost.

We aim to be as flexible and understanding of your circumstances as possible.  Because of this, we will discuss and agree on a price that we both believe is fair for the work that has been completed.

Fantastic for you!  Again, we will speak to you to agree on a price that we both feel is fair for the outcome achieved, based on the value to you.

Absolutely.  We will let you know throughout the process if things have changed from the original scope.  Most of the time, this happens because it is difficult to know how the other side to the matter may respond.  When the scope does change, we’ll talk this through with you and agree on a way to move forward to get the best possible outcome.  We will provide you with another pricing proposal for us to agree on.

We’ll talk with you about your concerns and why you don’t feel the price is value for money.  It is important that we both enter the engagement with the same understanding and are happy with the agreed price.

Whilst we understand you are keen to know what the price will be ASAP, we need time to properly consider your matter.  We have 11 lawyers working with us which means we have the added benefit of multiple experienced people being able to determine the best strategy for your matter, at no cost to you.  We will have our pricing proposal out to you within 2-4 workings days, meaning you won’t have to wait long at all to get some certainty.

That’s perfectly fine.  We may still provide you with a pricing proposal to provide you with some further information should you change your mind.  We’ll be here when you do need us.

Your lawyer and his or her secretary will be able to let you know at any time what work has been completed on your matter.  We keep detailed file notes on all matters and can keep you updated as frequently as you require.

Unfortunately, in a lot of circumstances this doesn’t turn out to be the case.  Often matters that appear simple can have legal complexity to them. If it is simple, the price will reflect that.  As our Agreed Fixed Pricing states, it is an agreed price.  We are happy to talk to you about this.  We are on this journey for the long haul and want to develop long-term relationships with our clients.

As we have an experienced team, most of the things that could ‘pop up’ have already been considered when we take the time to provide you with a pricing proposal.  If, however, as will happen from time to time, we will discuss this with you.

No, depending on how far your matter has progressed.  If you would like to change your instructions, we can provide you with a new pricing proposal taking in to account the work already completed plus the additional future work.

Unfortunately time based billing isn’t a service we offer anymore. We believe that providing clients with price certainty is of utmost importance, and Agreed Fixed Pricing is used firm-wide.

We consider a lot of things when determining the value of the work that is required.  Things like the work to be performed, your desired outcome, the complexity of your matter, the financial value of the dispute, urgency and the volume of the work involved.  These are all taken in to consideration when providing you with a pricing proposal.

Before we undertake any work for you, we will advise you of the exact cost and get your approval.

If this is the case, we would definitely want to discuss this with you.  We offer a service guarantee because we are confident that we will deliver the service you expect.  We do however encourage you to touch base with us before your matter finishes if you are feeling this way at any time during your matter.

Absolutely not.  We have moved to Agreed Fixed Pricing because we believe it will make us even more client focused.  With both of us having skin in the game, it promotes us to get the work done to the best of our ability in the timeliest manner.

Again, absolutely not.  We are responsible for the quality of the work we produce.  Our aim is to build lasting relationships with our clients, this means we do our best all the time.  We provide a service guarantee, so if you don’t feel like we did the best we could have, talk to us and we will come to an agreement with you.  As lawyers, and as an Assured Quality Practice, we have standards that we have to meet.

We value your need for a swift and positive resolution to your matter and endeavour to reach this in a timely manner.  If, however, you are not happy with the progress of your matter please contact us as soon as possible so that we can discuss any concerns.