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Disadvantages of Time Billing

At Lynn & Brown Lawyers we believe that there are significant advantages to you as a client of Agreed Fixed Pricing.  We also believe there are also significant disadvantages in the model of time billing.  In this article I discuss some of those disadvantages that present to you engaging legal services on a time billing basis.  As well as the advantages that we have written about in our article from last month’s newsletter, these are some of the reasons why… Read More

Book that holiday – Using your long service leave entitlements

Long service leave is an entitlement granted to employees who have been working at their place of employment for a long period of time.  Full time, part time and causal employees are all entitled to long service leave. They key part of the award is in the name “LONG”.  In order to be eligible for these leave requirements in Western Australia an employee must be continuously employed for 10 years or more in the same place. What are long service… Read More

We proudly welcome a new lawyer to our team

Haley Graydon has been working as both a law clerk and then a law graduate at Lynn & Brown for almost two years whilst she has been completing her training to become a lawyer. On 17 July 2017 Haley was finally admitted as a solicitor and barrister of the Supreme Court of Western Australia in an admission ceremony presided over by Justices Le Miere, Jenkins and Allanson. “It was a great honour to move Haley’s admission”, said Jacqueline Brown, director… Read More

Have you separated from your partner? Should you update your Will?

In Western Australia the Wills Act provides that where a person marries or divorces, any previous Will not made in contemplation of that marriage or divorce is void.  However, separation from a long term partner does not automatically revoke your Will in the same way.  As such it is important to review your Will when you separate from your long term de facto partner. It is important to note that just because you may have had property orders made and… Read More

Welcome Newbies!

What an exciting few months we’ve had here at Lynn and Brown Lawyers. We farewelled some amazing staff and have welcomed an amazing group of individuals to join our team as we continue to grow! Firstly, we have welcomed Francine Wakefield our Practice Manager who has brought with her a wealth of knowledge and experience from her previous career endeavours. She is a busy mum of two boys, she loves netball and kickboxing and is an avid Wildcats supporter. Go… Read More

Discussing Agreed Fixed Pricing and Probate in the Media

The West Australian wrote an article addressing probate and the process of activating a deceased person’s will. The costs involved in gaining legal advice to assist in this process can add to several thousand dollars as most firms charge by the hour. Lynn and Brown Director, Jacqueline Brown, was interviewed and told the newspaper that “these days, people like to know exactly what a job will cost. Whether it’s getting your house painted or dealing with a legal matter, getting… Read More

WA egg producer fined and ordered to pay costs totaling more than $1m for misleading the public

Snowdale Holdings Pty Ltd (Snowdale), one of Australia’s largest egg producers, has been caught with egg on its face and fined $750,000 (and ordered to pay another $300,000 in court costs) by the Federal Court for making false or misleading representations that its eggs were ‘free-range’. BACKGROUND Between 2011 and 2013 Snowdale had been selling its eggs, at a premium, in cartons labelled as ‘free-range’ under the brand names Swan Valley Egg Farm, Swan Valley Egg Co, Carabooda Lovingly Hand… Read More

Directors can be bullied too

Australian courts of law have recognised that bullying at work may cause psychological or psychiatric harm to workers.  In the case of Nationwide News Pty Ltd v Naidu & Anor; ISS Security Pty Ltd v Naidu & Anor [1], for instance, the Supreme Court of New South Wales (Court of Appeal) determined that an employer had breached its duty of care to avoid psychiatric injury to a bullied worker.  Workers are better able to protect themselves from bullying at work… Read More

Should we protest our lack of rights to protest?  Protesting workers’ rights.

In February 2017 the Fair Work Commission announced Sunday and public holiday rates would be reduced for workers in hospitality, retail, pharmacy and the fast food industry.  All of a sudden workers were being faced with the prospect of having to work longer to maintain their current wages. The Commission did not decide to make this change out of the blue.  For a long time businesses have been complaining about the crippling effect of penalty rates on their trading capability… Read More

Revenge Porn in the headlines

After a recent celebrity scandal, radio station Hit 92.9FM contacted us regarding Revenge Porn laws in Australia. Rob Kardashian took to Instagram to post explicit images of his ex fiancé Blac Chyna. This sparked a conversation around Australia with many wondering about our laws. Haley Graydon, a lawyer a Lynn and Brown was contacted by the Hit station to discuss what possible action Chyna could take if it happened in Australia. This all came about by an excellent article written… Read More

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