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Agreed Fixed Pricing Launch Event

On 15 September, Lynn and Brown Lawyers had a very successful event celebrating the launch of our new pricing method – Agreed Fixed Pricing. We received a heart-warmingly huge turnout from our business community who wanted to share this milestone with us. If you haven’t heard already, Agreed Fixed Pricing is our new pricing structure that we have introduced to benefit our clients. We have got rid of time based billing and have welcomed fixed fees for an agreed scope… Read More

New Laws Allowing Life Sentences for Meth Traffickers in WA

New laws allowing life sentences for methamphetamine traffickers came into operation on 18 September 2017 in Western Australia. WA has been labelled the ‘ice’ capital of Australia. In both 2016 and early 2017, wastewater treatment facility tests found that WA was using approximately $2 billion worth of methamphetamine a year, and meth abuse has been described as out of control and responsible for increases in violence and crime in the State. In fact sadly, it was reported in March 2017… Read More

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: Navigating Time and Travel for Separated Parents

REMINDER! 10 NOVEMBER 2017 is the deadline for filing parenting order applications relating to the Christmas school holiday period. Applications for parenting orders relating (in whole or part) to the school holiday period beginning December 2017 and extending to January 2018 must be filed with the Family Court (Court) by 4PM on 10 NOVEMBER 2017. If this deadline has passed, the fact that an application relates to the Christmas period will not itself justify a listing before Christmas. Organising the… Read More

Redundancy and the Family Court: What you need to know.

We are back in tough economic times and especially in Western Australia, more and more people are being made redundant from their jobs. The question we are being asked a lot more frequently now is how the Family Court will deal with redundancy payments. We will examine ways as to how the Court can deal with redundancy payment below, but it is important to note that all cases are dealt with on a case by case scenario and as such… Read More

SINGLE EXPERT IN FAMILY LAW REPORTS – What are they and tips to help you

Often, the Family Court is asked to make decisions about who the children will live with based on what is in the best interests of the child or children and a presumption that both parents will have equal shared parental responsibility for the child or children. In these circumstances, the court may appoint a single expert and ask the expert (usually a social worker or psychologist) to make a report.  In making a report, the single expert will usually interview… Read More

Disadvantages of Time Based Billing (Part 2)

Last month’s newsletter contained the first part of this article in relation to disadvantages of professional service firms charging based upon time.  In this continuation we discuss further disadvantages we believe can present themselves if professional service firms charge their clients based upon the time they spend on the matter.    It discourages cost benefit analysis Cost benefit analysis is a tool routinely used in many areas of business. Time billing penalises technological advance There is a strong movement, at… Read More

Debt Recovery and Invoicing: A Guide for Businesses

Everyone wants to hit the ground running and get to work when it comes to engaging a new client. However, it is good practice to take a step back and get your ducks in a row before picking up tools.   Investigations Often, the person in the best position to judge whether a prospective client is worth taking on is you. Most Perth industries are relatively small and word of mouth spreads fast throughout them. However, here are a few… Read More

Default notices and the purchasing of residential property

Agreeing to buy or sell residential property can be an exciting commercial transaction for many people.  A contract for the sale of land is also a significant legal transaction.  For many people, the purchase of land with a house on it in which to live is the most significant commercial transaction of their lives.  If people sign up to contracts and then fail to comply with their legal obligations under a contract, the legal consequences can be significant.  Failing to… Read More

Excessive Self Defence – Can you ever defend yourself too much?

We’ve all heard of self-defence before.  When you, your family or your home are under threat and you react to fight and protect yourself instead of running away.  While the law may protect a person who defends themselves, is there ever a point where you take self-defence too far? An example of where your defence may be more than necessary: Your are being assaulted by a person in your own home.  You think this person is going to severely injure… Read More

6 Ways to Assist Your Lawyer When You Are Involved in Litigation

A good working relationship with your lawyer can improve your chances of success in litigation, and can significantly reduce the stress you may experience. A good lawyer will keep their relationship with you on track by keeping you up to date with developments in your case, answering your questions in a timely manner, and preparing you for important events during the proceedings. Clients often feel that when it comes to litigation things are out of their control. Here are six… Read More

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