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12 Tips for Christmas

The First Day of Christmas – A Partridge in a Pear tree From our criminal law team – a reminder that double demerit points are in force from before Christmas until after the New Year. The Second Day of Christmas – Two Turtle Doves From our family law team – decide on handover times and places as well as times that the children spend with each parent well in advance, and confirm the arrangements in writing. The Third Day of… Read More

Indirect Inheritance

In a recent decision of the Public Trustee WA v Mack, Master Sanderson of the Supreme Court of Western Australia considered the unusual question of whether an individual (“A”) is entitled to inherit from the estate of another person (“B”) where B received an inheritance from the death of a third person whose death was the result of a criminal act by A.   In this case the circumstances were as follows: The Respondent, Brent Mack was accused of and… Read More

What you need to organise your business for 2018

While the end of a financial year is generally when a business will assess its financial position and related matters, the end of the calendar year may present a time when business owners can manage other equally important matters. Here are 4 tips for ensuring your business is ready for 2018:   Chase up existing debts While it is ideal to start 2018 with a clean slate in relation to trade debtors and creditors, it is inevitable that invoices will… Read More

Franchisors Beware

RECENT CHANGES TO FEDERAL LEGISLATION MAY MAKE FRANCHISORS LIABLE FOR THE CONDUCT OF THEIR FRANCHISEES   In the wake of the many investigations into underpayments such as the 7Eleven, Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza, Crust and Caltex wage underpayment claims the Federal Government has moved to amend the Fair Work Act 2009.   Franchising is big business in Australia with expected gross turnover for 2017 to be $178 billion.  There is 580,000 employees employed by franchises in Australia conducting 94,300 businesses.  Franchising… Read More

Business Succession and Exit Strategy

It is probably against your nature to think about how you will get out of a business venture before it has even had a chance to get going. However, this is almost always the best time to put mechanisms in place that will protect your interests in the event of a worst case scenario. In our experience, these worst case scenarios generally rear their ugly heads in one of two ways: the relationship between you and your business partner/s sours… Read More

The Appeal on Iron Ore Magnate Billionaire Michael Wright’s Estate: Does Olivia Mead get to buy the diamond studded bass guitar?

The Appeal on Iron Ore Magnate Billionaire Michael Wright’s Estate: Does Olivia Mead get to buy the diamond studded bass guitar? Does your Will meet all the legal requirements? Have you adequately provided for your loved ones? Have you ensured proper support and education for your children?   A recent case from the Supreme Court of WA brings into focus the importance of making sure your Will meets all legal requirements, particularly in regards to providing adequately for your children…. Read More

Welcome Christina!

We would like to introduce you to Christina Ati, our newest member to the Lynn & Brown team. A Murdoch University graduate, Christina was admitted in the Supreme Court of WA on 1 August 2014. Over the past three years, Christina has developed and refined her skills as a Family Lawyer. Christina has experience in both children’s issues and matrimonial/de facto property settlement matters. With both a keen interest in court advocacy and an acumen for negotiated resolutions, Christina is… Read More


WACKY WILL STORIES – PART 2 In the last two years we have had a look at the lighter side of Wills of some of the rich and famous. There have been many prominent celebrities who have died without updating or even making their Wills, leaving their family members feuding over and reducing their million dollar estates. HEATH LEDGER died in 2008 without having updated his Will since 2003. In his 2003 Will Ledger left his entire estate to his… Read More

Informal Wills – unsent text message accepted by Queensland Supreme Court as Will of deceased

Informal Wills – unsent text message accepted by Queensland Supreme Court as Will of deceased In a judgement handed down by the Queensland Supreme Court in early October 2017 the court found a draft text message left on a deceased man’s phone to be a valid Will despite not meeting the formal requirements of the legislation in Queensland. Like in Queensland, West Australian legislation allows for the production of a document which is thought to be the testamentary intention of… Read More

Drink Driving – Don’t give yourself the summertime sadness

As the sun comes out, the days start getting longer and the weather warms up, it is engraved in the Australian way of life for mates to get together at the beach, in the pool, around barbeque or at a bar for some good food, good times and a few drinks.  A good Aussie day out involves a lot of planning, like where are we going, what are we eating, who is getting the bags of ice and the drinks… Read More

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